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Rattan mats Sungai Utik Borneo, 2014

TIM_0762These were rolled up and stowed away in the Dayak longhouse. When guests or families gather to hang out in the main corridor of the longhouse these would be sprawled along the smooth wooden beams of the floor. In the tremendous heat of the rainforest the mats offered a surprisingly cool floor surface to luxuriate upon after the exertions of the day. Many a fine hour we would sit or lay across these, checking our film equipment, drinking coffee, eating little snacks offered by the women of the community, or playing with the children or the little treasured hunting dogs, or later in the evening drinking fermented jungle beer (when the local guys were left to their own devices and wanted to entertain the three Englishmen, we would swap tales and tall stories as all guys are prone to do and smoke copious amounts of Indonesian clove cigarettes).

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