Filming in Republic of Congo, 2009

pokola, forest, bantu-pygmy2Up in the remote north of the country, near the border of the Central African Republic and Cameroon. A place where time had largely forgot. There is a passing trade in bushmeat and little else. Occasionally, very occasionally something unexpected happens, on this particular day it was a film crew, dishevelled from too many days travel and covered in dust, passing through in a battered old pickup. Those who weren’t in the forest or working on their small plots of farm land came and looked at us as if we were from another world.


Author: timlewis77

Working as a sound recordist, camera operator, video editor, photographer, production manager and writer, Tim Lewis produces documentary films for a wide range of international charities, government agencies and the arts sector. His experience as a freelancer also includes broadcast and corporate pieces, ranging from glossy celebrity portraits, small art promos and channel idents, to feature length documentaries for clients such as the BBC, Nat Geo, Discovery and Sky. His work has taken him to many difficult and challenging locations. Filming semi nomadic communities in the rainforests of Borneo, interviewing refugees on the Thai-Burma border, following civil rights campaigners through war torn Liberia and the Congo or climbing volcanoes and glaciers in Iceland. He is a co-director at Handcrafted Films Ltd. blog -

2 thoughts on “Filming in Republic of Congo, 2009”

    1. Another world, but people remain the same, mostly decent, inquisitive and friendly. The challenges they face are enormous, hard to equate and impossible I think to resolve.

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