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Filming in Republic of Congo, 2009

pokola, forest, bantu-pygmy2Up in the remote north of the country, near the border of the Central African Republic and Cameroon. A place where time had largely forgot. There is a passing trade in bushmeat and little else. Occasionally, very occasionally something unexpected happens, on this particular day it was a film crew, dishevelled from too many days travel and covered in dust, passing through in a battered old pickup. Those who weren’t in the forest or working on their small plots of farm land came and looked at us as if we were from another world.


2 comments on “Filming in Republic of Congo, 2009

  1. Staci says:

    I knew a few people who traveled out there with Invisible Children. Truly a different world…

    1. timlewis77 says:

      Another world, but people remain the same, mostly decent, inquisitive and friendly. The challenges they face are enormous, hard to equate and impossible I think to resolve.

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