Filming at Tarxien Neolithic temple, Malta

IMG_2231 (1)Courtesy to the kind folks at Heritage Malta we were given unique access to the Tarxien Neolithic temple complex for further filming of the Deep Shelter project for Valletta 2018 European Capital of Culture. It was a magic few hours, arriving before sunrise and with initially just the company of the main site curator, we wandered through the old corridors and spaces of the temple filming the 5000 year old patterned designs and decorations as the eastern sky brightened and sent golden light across the ancient interior walls.


Author: timlewis77

Working as a sound recordist, camera operator, video editor, photographer, production manager and writer, Tim Lewis produces documentary films for a wide range of international charities, government agencies and the arts sector. His experience as a freelancer also includes broadcast and corporate pieces, ranging from glossy celebrity portraits, small art promos and channel idents, to feature length documentaries for clients such as the BBC, Nat Geo, Discovery and Sky. His work has taken him to many difficult and challenging locations. Filming semi nomadic communities in the rainforests of Borneo, interviewing refugees on the Thai-Burma border, following civil rights campaigners through war torn Liberia and the Congo or climbing volcanoes and glaciers in Iceland. He is a co-director at Handcrafted Films Ltd. blog -

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