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Imgiebah Bay, Malta the beautiful

9T2A1639Winter time now but during the summer this little beach is a quiet dream like sanctuary aided by its near inaccessibility. Many happy hours swimming and leisurely floating in that clear sea.


3 comments on “Imgiebah Bay, Malta the beautiful

  1. nicklewis says:

    Would love to set foot on that little beach but don’t know when 😟

    1. timlewis77 says:

      You must come one last time before we leave end of this summer. The sea here is amazing. One day last summer I went there late afternoon after a day of editing and admin, its a long drive up to the northern end of the island, you go down a few extremely narrow stone walled farm tracks, descending through an exquisite valley of small fields and olive groves, where if you meet oncoming traffic you have to reverse half a mile, then theres a footpath where you walk to the cliffs and then carefully walk down to the beach. That day I swam and swam, the water nearly as hot as the air, I lay on my back half way out and watched three eagles soar and play around the rock crags. I’ve been there the height of mid-summer where beaches nearby have thousands of people on them, and yet here there is usually a few locals and thats all. A treasure.

      1. nicklewis says:

        I would love to, so we shall see what we can do 😀

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