Behind the Scenes article If Not Us Then Who

Producer and editor Tim Lewis reflects back on the Sungai Utik filming trip in April 2014 in the first of our behind the scenes blogs.

“This expedition into the forest had started like many before. The discussion and planning late into the night, sat across the smooth wooden beams of the longhouse. The stuttering bulbs working off the old generator, which lined the inner colonnade of the long house throbbed a dull yellow, ringed by a screen of whirring insects of all sizes and peculiarities. The sickly sweet smell of clove cigarettes, the rancid zesty taste of jungle beer in your mouth, the perceptible tingle that mosquitoes have bitten your toes. After a long talk it was agreed we would leave early before first light the following morning.”



Author: timlewis77

Working as a sound recordist, camera operator, video editor, photographer, production manager and writer, Tim Lewis produces documentary films for a wide range of international charities, government agencies and the arts sector. His experience as a freelancer also includes broadcast and corporate pieces, ranging from glossy celebrity portraits, small art promos and channel idents, to feature length documentaries for clients such as the BBC, Nat Geo, Discovery and Sky. His work has taken him to many difficult and challenging locations. Filming semi nomadic communities in the rainforests of Borneo, interviewing refugees on the Thai-Burma border, following civil rights campaigners through war torn Liberia and the Congo or climbing volcanoes and glaciers in Iceland. He is a co-director at Handcrafted Films Ltd. blog -

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