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Costa Rica – forest sounds Talamanca

This recording illustrates the often interesting variety of animal sounds in the tropical rainforest. Often you will find an animal or group of animals, be it insect, bird or primate, will take a long solo amid the general projections. As this takes place you find strangely the wider orchestra of sound diminishes a little to allow each individual to be heard. This was recorded up in the lush heavily forested mountains of Talamanca. The distant blue mountains are Panama.


3 comments on “Costa Rica – forest sounds Talamanca

  1. nicklewis says:

    Wonderful sounds – you would love Mauritius for the sounds we heard there, most notably were the frogs of the island. We spent the evening with some local people in the heart of the island and once night falls, the frogs come out to play. The sound was a rising cacophony and the weirdest thing about it, they gave the impression that they were trying to raise their voices over our conversation. We started talking louder and louder as the frogs were croaking so loudly. I wish you had been there with your recording equipment, you would have been in your element!

  2. nicklewis says:

    Hey Tim can you re-follow me blog? It screwed up and subscribed you to one of my clients WordPress sites. Can’t imagine you following a dance site!!! Unless you like doing the Argentine Tango or Pasa Doble!

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